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Multimedia Collaboration


Vagabond Coffee Roasters, based in North London, is a company dedicated to sourcing specialty coffees worldwide. They are known for their commitment to quality, freshness, and the unique expression of each coffee batch they roast.


Vagabond Coffee Roasters


Photography and Video Production

Vagabond Coffee sought to enhance their brand visibility and showcase their intricate coffee roasting process and product quality through engaging visual content.

Makerz collaborated with Vagabond Coffee to create a series of photographs and videos. These visuals aimed to capture the essence of Vagabond’s dedication to coffee quality and their unique approach to roasting. Emphasis was on the authenticity of the process, the expertise of the team, and the distinctiveness of their coffee batches.

Support from Makerz


Makerz conducted a series of photo shoots at Vagabond’s roasting facility. The focus was on capturing the detailed processes, the team’s expertise, and the unique atmosphere of the roasting space.

Video Production:

Makerz created videos that narrated the story of Vagabond Coffee. This included interviews with staff, behind-the-scenes footage of the roasting process, and visuals of the finished product.


The collaboration between Makerz and Vagabond Coffee demonstrates the impact of high-quality visual storytelling in the specialty coffee industry. It highlights the significance of conveying a brand's passion and expertise through professional photography and videography.

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