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Crafting Digital Presence for a Global Restaurant Group



Aqua Restaurant Group approached Makerz in early 2022 to build stunning social media content and drive up social media engagement to help create a strong online presence for their restaurants across London. As part of the Aqua Restaurant Group chain, Makerz work on brands such as Aqua Shard, Hutong Shard, Aqua Kyoto, Aqua Neuva and Shiro London.


We provided a range of digital services, from design and build, to social media content, We also art–directed and filmed on–site photography and videography for promotion. With the hospitality sector evolving every day, Makerz had to use the Aqua guidelines to merge heritage with modern trends and styles. 


Aqua Restaurant Group


Digital assets creation


Makerz embarked on a comprehensive digital campaign utilizing the Aqua Restaurant Group's guidelines. Makerz utilized creative campaigns, partneships and on-site photography and videography to create authentic and inviting content.

Ongoing marketing support through captivating reels that emphasized the uniqueness of each Aqua brand.


Each campaign was tailored to exude the sophistication and allure of the Aqua experience. The social media reels were crafted with precision, aiming to maximize engagement and convey the modern elegance of Aqua's dining environment.


The collaboration between Makerz and Aqua Restaurant Group yielded remarkable results, evidenced by a substantial surge in social media engagement following the campaigns. The carefully crafted content resonated with the audience, enhancing brand visibility and fostering a vibrant online community.

Carefully crafted Solutions

Makerz's strategic and creative efforts led to a significant improvement in the Aqua Restaurant Group's digital footprint. By fusing the timeless elegance of Aqua with contemporary digital strategies, Makerz not only honored the brand's heritage but also positioned it firmly in the modern culinary conversation.


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