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Revitalizing My5 - A Multi-Platform Streaming App 


My5, a video-on-demand service offered by Channel 5 in the UK, part of the Viacom Group, was launched in 2008. The service aimed to provide viewers with content anytime, anywhere.


However, with the rapid evolution of app technology and design, My5's app began to feel outdated, necessitating a significant overhaul to enhance user engagement and keep up with modern standards.


Channel 5


UX and UI

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to transform the My5 app, which appeared stuck in the past, into a modern, user-friendly platform. The goal was to drive greater audience engagement by revamping the app's design and functionality while ensuring seamless performance across multiple platforms.

Makerz employed Design Thinking at the core of its process. This approach allowed the team to uncover alternative strategies and solutions that might have been overlooked initially. It involved understanding the users' needs, redefining problems, and creating innovative solutions to prototype and test.

Design Thinking

Given the requirement to work across multiple platforms, Makerz followed an atomic design methodology. This approach enabled the creation and structuring of interface design systems in a more deliberate and hierarchical manner, ensuring consistency and scalability across different devices and platforms.

Atomic Design Methodology

A significant focus was placed on micro interactions within the My5 app. These small, yet impactful, elements of communication aid users in navigating the interface and performing basic functions like connecting devices or liking posts. More than just aesthetic enhancements, these micro interactions provide intuitive cues for users, enhancing the overall user experience and bringing them closer to the brand.

Key Innovation: Micro Interactions

1. Increased Audience Interaction: The new design and micro interactions led to greater audience engagement.
2. Enhanced Brand Profile: The modernized app contributed to a stronger brand presence and identity.
. Business Growth: The project resulted in increased business growth for Channel 5, demonstrating the success of the revitalization effort.

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