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Club One Las Vegas App, Tender Proposal 


Makerz, known for its innovative digital solutions, recently participated in a tender to develop a cutting-edge loyalty application for three of Las Vegas' most renowned casinos: The D, Golden Gate, and Circa Resort. The goal was to create the Club One Las Vegas App, a mobile platform designed to elevate the user experience for casino guests. Despite a comprehensive proposal that promised to revolutionize guest engagement through technology, the contract was ultimately awarded to another agency offering a less costly solution.


The D & Circa Resort & Casino


Call For Tender


Las Vegas' downtown casinos are in a fiercely competitive market where every point of guest interaction can make a difference in business success. The challenge presented in the tender was to design a digital loyalty program that not only integrated seamlessly with the current operational ecosystem of the casinos but also enhanced the guest experience through personalized engagement and innovative features.

  • To design a user-friendly mobile application that showcases the resort's amenities.

  • To improve online customer engagement and increase direct bookings.

  • To integrate a seamless booking system with real-time availability and pricing.



The Club One Las Vegas App proposed by Makerz was envisioned as a state-of-the-art mobile application, encapsulating a plethora of features aimed at personalization and guest convenience.

Key Features of the Proposed App: 


  • Player Profile Access: The app would allow members to access their player profiles, providing real-time gaming stats and tracking.

  • Rewards and Special Events: The proposed solution included mechanisms for users to earn and redeem rewards, along with qualifying for special events based on their activity.

  • Customized Offers: Leveraging advanced analytics, the app would deliver personalized offers to users, enhancing their gaming and resort experience.

  • Resort Facilities Information: Detailed information about resort amenities would be available in the app, tailored to guest preferences.

  • Room Booking and Dinner Reservations: Functionality for room and dining reservations was included to streamline the planning process for guests.

  • Room Door Unlocking Feature: A digital key feature was included for convenience, allowing guests to unlock their rooms via the app.

Despite the innovative and user-centered proposal by Makerz, the tender was awarded to a competitor that offered a more cost-effective solution.


This decision highlights a common challenge faced by agencies in the digital market: balancing cutting-edge technology and design with budget constraints and client cost considerations.

The client response: "Makerz Agency demonstrated a deep understanding of the hospitality and gaming industry's needs, showcasing a feature-rich, user-oriented application that could significantly enhanced the guest experience. Although Makerz did not win this tender, their ambitious proposal serves us in many ways and we thank the entire team for their work."

The Outcome

Makerz’s development of the Club One Las Vegas App for the downtown casinos of Las Vegas encapsulates the transformative potential of digital solutions in the hospitality and gaming industry. By enhancing guest convenience and offering a tailored experience, the app not only serves the strategic objectives of the casinos but also reshapes the way guests perceive and interact with the entertainment landscape of Las Vegas.

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