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Beach Bar Events in Mexico


Magnus contacted Makerz to create a comprehensive and engaging summer campaign for Magnus Beach Bar that would encompass a wide range of communication and marketing materials, from photoshoots to social media assets, and from flyers to the coordination on the day of the event.


Magnus Beach Bar




The overarching strategy for the Magnus Beach Bar summer campaign was to encapsulate the vibrant and energetic atmosphere of Playa la Manzanilla's beach scene. We aimed to appeal to a youthful and dynamic demographic looking for unforgettable summer parties and beach gatherings.

We established a visual style that was fresh, compelling, and consistent across all platforms. The use of vivid and sunny color palettes, combined with summer-themed imagery, set the mood for a fun and lively beach experience. We focused on striking visuals that highlighted the bar's prime beach location, complemented by graphic elements that evoked the rhythm and pulse of beach life.

Our photoshoots were meticulously planned to capture the essence of summer at Playa la Manzanilla. We used natural lighting to enhance the spontaneity and joy of beach parties. The imagery showcased people in dynamic and candid moments, from dancing on the beach to enjoying a tranquil sunset, embodying the diverse experiences offered at Magnus Beach Bar.



For social media, we tailored content to maximize engagement. Our strategy included teaser videos, countdown posts, behind-the-scenes snapshots, and user-generated content to build anticipation and maintain excitement throughout the summer. Each post was crafted to not only promote upcoming events but also to create a digital scrapbook of summer memories for patrons.


The summer campaign was a resounding success, marked by an increase in foot traffic and a series of sold-out events. The visual assets created a buzz around Magnus Beach Bar and solidified its reputation as the go-to beach party destination in Playa la Manzanilla.

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