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Digital Marketing including Paid and Social


STK sought to escalate its brand visibility, customer engagement, and web traffic across its London locations and specific dining experiences. Makerz was challenged to craft a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that would drive substantial results across PPC, social media, and web traffic metrics.


Increase from 6.2K to 18.7K users for the flagship restaurant page


1.39 million impressions across all campaigns


New Followers accross IG and TikTok


Estimated Revenue generated so far

Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Success for STK


STK is a globally recognised restaurant brand that artfully blends the modern steakhouse & chic lounge. 

Known for its contemporary take on classic American cuisine, and emphasis on an energetic, vibe-dining experience; 

STK offers a dynamic, fine dining experience with the superior quality of a traditional steakhouse. 

Leveraging the synergies between Google Ads, Meta Advertising, and organic social media campaigns, Makerz implemented a holistic approach to target potential customers with a focus on maximizing ROI and enhancing user engagement.


  • As a new entrant into STK's digital advertising efforts, Makerz had to quickly understand the market, the competition, and STK's unique selling propositions (USPs) to create compelling campaigns that could compete effectively for attention and clicks.

  • Makerz was tasked to build a Google Ads Account from the ground up. Without historical data on ad performance, Makerz had to rely on industry benchmarks and best practices to hypothesize what would work for STK. This lack of data increased the risk associated with every decision and required a more agile approach to campaign management.

  • Given that PPC can be a costly endeavor, especially in competitive industries, there was a significant risk of high initial costs. Makerz needed to manage the budget effectively to avoid overspending before optimizations could be made to improve the cost per conversion.

  • Often in PPC, a rush for conversions can lead to a high quantity of low-quality leads that do not translate into business value. Makerz faced the challenge of not just driving conversions but ensuring that these conversions were of high enough quality to provide real business value to STK.

  • The challenge extended beyond the initial setup; Makerz had to quickly learn from early campaign data, adapt strategies accordingly, and continually refine their approach to maintain and improve conversion rates.

The Challenges





Number of months working on the campaigns


Estimated Revenue generated so far

STK, looking to establish a strong online presence and drive immediate conversions, tasked Makerz with creating and managing a Google Ads account from scratch. The primary challenge was to achieve rapid conversion growth.

We have launched targeted PPC campaigns for various STK offerings, achieving a remarkable increase in impressions and conversions.

PPC Campaigns (Google Ads)


New Followers accross IG and TikTok


1.39 million impressions across campaigns


Average CPC accross all

Meta campaigns

META Ads & Social Media Management

Makerz was brought on board to develop and execute a comprehensive digital marketing strategy encompassing both PPC and social media campaigns.

Makerz crafted a series of Social Media and Meta advertising campaigns, each tailored to specific STK experiences and occasions.

Meta Campaigns 

Makerz have implemented a refined aesthetic across our social media accounts, showcasing high-end photography and cutting-edge videography. This strategic enhancement resulted in a substantial growth, amassing over 4K new followers.

We have created a series of video content for all our channels increasing the engament by 60%.

The team has created and cultivated the very first STK London TikTok account, achieving remarkable success with a follower growth of over 3300 followers and garnering over 900,000 views and 15k likes.


Makerz effectively enhanced the brand’s online presence, reached a wide audience, and engaged potential customers across several targeted experiences. The campaigns were notably successful in driving traffic during key periods such as "After Hours" and  the festive season, while maintaining cost efficiency. The data-driven approach, combined with creative content and strategic budget allocation, resulted in substantial brand interactions and positioned STK as a top-of-mind choice for dining experiences and events.

-Impressive Reach: Achieved over 1.39 million impressions across campaigns, successfully expanding STK’s brand visibility.

-The*After Hours campaign* reached 187,370 impressions and 5,652 link clicks, with a low CPC of £0.14 and a CTR of 3.35%.

-The*Sunday Roast campaign* was highly cost-effective, with a spend of £200.00 yielding 67,948 impressions, 2,621 link clicks, a CPC of £0.08, and the highest CTR of 4.15% among all campaigns.

--The*Festive Campaign* showed a focused impact with £600.00 spent for 111,613 impressions and 2,164 link clicks, achieving a CPC of £0.28.

Makerz's integrated digital marketing strategy delivered exceptional results for STK, significantly elevating the brand's digital presence and engagement levels. By blending targeted PPC campaigns with creative and compelling social media ads, and optimizing web content for improved traffic and engagement, Makerz not only met but exceeded the objectives set by STK.

The campaigns were marked by strategic creativity, data-driven optimization, and a deep understanding of STK's brand values and audience preferences. The multi-channel approach ensured that STK maintained a cohesive and powerful online presence throughout the campaign period.

The primary goal of the digital campaigns was to significantly boost traffic to STK London's web pages, with a particular focus on the London Strand and Stratford locations, as well as themed events and dining experiences.

Website Traffic Increase

Makerz’s adept execution of PPC and social media campaigns resulted in a substantial increase in web traffic and user engagement for STK London. By focusing on tailored content and user experience, along with strategic ad placements, Makerz enhanced the brand’s online presence, reached a wide audience, and engaged potential customers across several targeted experiences.


Increase from 6.2K to 18.7K users for the 'STK London - Strand' page


New users attracted in the past 4 months


Users per month for London pages only

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