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Just as they salute the tireless dedication of coffee farmers who produce such an exciting and complex culinary product, we take our role in the coffee value chain seriously by seeking to build long-term sustainable relationships with coffee growers wherever possible.

As a small team of committed coffee professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds, Vagabond Coffee Roasters' collectively bring years of experience, expertise and thirst for knowledge to the cupping table - to ensure that our commitment to quality is never compromised.



Vagabond Coffee Roasters is dedicated to sourcing speciality coffees from around the world in the pursuit of quality and consistency while offering the highest standards of customer service.

Based in north London, they roast in small 5kg batches on our trusty Giesen so that they can guarantee freshness as we strive to reveal the best our coffee has to offer. Part science and part craft, we are never afraid to experiment so that they can truly express a coffees’ unique character every freshly roasted batch at a time.


About Us

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