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The Future of Remote Work

A Boomer vs. GenZ battle?

Ah, the future of remote work – it's a tale of generations, each with their unique take on this brave new world. More than 1 in 3 employees want fully remote work this year, but that sentiment isn't shared equally among generations.

GenZ in 30 years

A Boomer vs. GenZ Battle?

In most of our minds there is Bob, the boomer, who's still figuring out how to set up a video call, and Zoe, the tech-savvy GenZ, who's living the dream as a Makerz master. As they traverse the ever-evolving landscape of remote work, Marketing, and the wild world of freelancing collide in a battle of wits and wisdom.

But the reality is not that simple!

This shift to remote work has different implications for different generations. Boomers and Gen X who grew up in a time when working in an office was the norm, may be hesitant to embrace remote work. They may worry about being isolated from their colleagues, or they may not be comfortable with the technology that is required for remote work.

Millennials and GenZ, on the other hand, are more comfortable with technology and are more likely to be open to remote work. They may see remote work as a way to have more flexibility and control over their work-life balance.

The Different Perspectives on Remote Work

Remote work isn’t for everyone! Even more so among GenZ ranging between 18 and 24 years old, as they are either early in their careers or even in their first job, which could be particularly difficult without in-person guidance and onboarding. (A Fortune-SurveyMonkey poll conducted in July 2022 found that 43% of Gen Zers reported a decrease in productivity during remote work, the highest percentage of any other generation.)

Older employees want to work fully remotely nearly twice as much as younger ones, according to a new study by job search site Joblist.

Work preferences by generation
Work preferences by generation

The study found that about half (49%) of millennials surveyed want to work fully remote, whereas only 27% of Generation Z (Gen Zers) feel the same way; they're much more likely than average “to be seeking in-person” work opportunities.

ddly, Gen X and baby boomers felt less impassioned about remote options. Only 40% of either group indicated “their ideal workplace setting” should be remote

So, Who's Right?

But if the Future of Remote Work was, in fact, a generational battle? We can all enjoy the debate between boomers and GenZ about the future of remote work.

Point of View 1: Bob - The Boomer

Bob's idea of remote work in 2023 is like something out of a sci-fi movie. The concept of Marketing has evolved into a mysterious realm of creatives and Makerz, and he's struggling to keep up. In his mind, a Creative Hub might as well be in outer space! Online Marketing sounds like magic to him, and the term "Freelance agency" leaves him scratching his head. He's convinced that the whole world has gone bonkers with the whole "no boundaries" thing, and he's not sure where the US ends and the rest of the world begins.

Boundaries? Bob is all about them! He can't quite comprehend how creatives are working from their couches in their pajamas – it's just not how things are done! As for Agency culture, Bob fondly remembers the days of water-cooler chats and office pranks. He's not too sure about these virtual Avengers shaking things up.

And don't even get him started on "Remote Freelancers' prices." Bob firmly believes that the only price worth paying is one you can physically see and touch with your hands – dollars and cents, none of this artistic bid stuff!

Point of View 2: Zoe - The GenZ

Enter Zoe, the GenZ wizard of international remote work. For her, Digital Marketing is an ever-changing canvas, and Makerz are the cool kids in town. Her Creative Hub in London is like a playground of endless opportunities, and Online Marketing is her weapon of choice. Freelance agencies are the Avengers she aspires to join, and she's ready to break boundaries to do it.

The world is Zoe's oyster, and she's got friends and colleagues from all over the globe – US, Europe, Asia – you name it! She thrives in the interconnectedness of it all, making the world feel smaller and more exciting.

As for Agency culture, Zoe couldn't care less about water-coolers and office pranks. She's got her virtual coffee shop hangouts and meme-sharing groups – her version of a cool workplace.

Freelancers' prices? Zoe knows her worth, and she's not afraid to put an artistic bid out there. She understands that creativity knows no bounds, and neither should her paycheck!


In 2023, the future of remote work is a hilarious battleground of generational perspectives. Bob, the boomer, and Zoe, the GenZ, couldn't be more different in their outlook. While Bob struggles to wrap his head around Marketing, Makerz, and Creative Hubs, Zoe embraces the fast-paced, boundary-breaking world of remote work with gusto.

But amidst the laughter and quirky differences lies the realization that remote work is here to stay, and it's a glorious, creative, and boundary-pushing world. So, whether you're a Bob or a Zoe, there's one thing that's certain – the future of remote work is exciting, dynamic, and full of possibilities.

Now, if you're ready to embrace the Makerz spirit and dive into the remote work revolution, check out for an adventure of a lifetime.

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